Geotargeting Pro is the favourite plugin for affiliate marketers for their country specific offers because of it’s simplicity and powerful features. Now with premium accuracy to help you target States and Cities specific content.

What parts of my website can be geo targeted ?

You can geo target any part of your site being the most common:

  • Partial content by using shortcodes.
  • Full posts or pages, which includes custom posts such as WooCommerce products.
  • Sidebar widgets.
  • Menu items.
  • Template files using php functions.

Check this demo on how a casino site would show different affiliate offers based on geolocation, or take a look to our complete WordPress geolocation guide.

I’m a seller, Can I show or hide products to users based on their location?

Yes! Geotargeting PRO it’s compatible with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads but can be used with any other E-commerce plugin that use posts types for products. You can remove the product entirely or display a message saying that is not available.

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Take a look at GeotargetingWP’s features

Create Regions

You will be able to group countries or cities in order to make it easier to target users. For example you could create a region called Europe and another called America, and then simple use those names in shortcodes or widgets saving you time.

Real IP Detection

We auto detect real user IP no matter if you use Cloudflare, Sucuri, Akamai, Ezoic, Reblaze, Varnish, etc. If you have something custom it can be easily added.

Geotarget Menus

Geotarget individual menu items or use php functions in your header.php template file to geo target entire menus.


You need to use page cache on your site? We got you covered with the Ajax mode! Once the page is rendered the plugin will create an ajax call and update the geo targeted content.

Shortcode Generator

You need to use page cache on your site? We got you covered with the Ajax mode! Once the page is rendered the plugin will create an ajax call and update the geo targeted content.

Geotarget Widgets

Every widget in your site can be geo targeted. Once the plugin is activated new fields will appear on your widgets.

Still not convinced? Wait, we have more features for you.


You can remove the page entirely as if never existed on your site or you can display a custom message to the user explaining that the content is not available for them.


Geotargeting Pro plugin fully supports Elementor, Divi builder, Gutemberg and Visual Composer from WPBakery where by simply adding 3 new container modules where you can drop elements, you get all the geolocation power in your favourite visual editor.


Let the users change their location with a professional country dropdown that will show countries and flags. It’s fully searchable and with a simple click the users will view different content.


Geotargeting plugin brings a powerful PHP API that will let you geo target your content directly on your templates. It’s also compatible with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin (acf 4 and acf 5 pro). The code is clean and organized with hooks and filters everywhere.


Check our WP Popups plugin. The most versatile plugin in the market that will let you geolocate your popups.


Our API provides top geolocation accuracy giving you the best results! Our API return continent, country, state and city data. If you need to build your own products, use our GeotargetingWP github package to communicate with it.