Windows 10 Enterprise – Surface Pro 4

So, after an hour or so of creating a USB stick from the Enterprise ISO image, I realized I needed to use a GPT format due to UEFI.

Simple steps:

  1. Download Rufus (
  2. Choose USB drive (>8GB)
  3. Partition type: GPT
  4. Filesystem: FAT32
  5. Cluster size: Default
  6. Volume label: Whatever. Doesn’t matter.
  7. Format options:
    1. Quick Format
    2. Create bootable using specified ISO image.
    3. Standard Windows Install
    4. Create extended label and icon files (not sure if needed, but was the default)
  8. Boot Surface pro by holding the down volume button, applying power, and releasing when the Windows icon goes away.
  9. Install like normal (Choose partition 4 for install. Ensure you format the partition to remove any old versions of Windows)
  10. Install drivers. (


Here is a reference link that I used for this post:

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