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Leaking Global Routes to VRF and vice versa

So today I was doing some crypto map configurations and noticed that the IKEv2 session would not come up if the proxy acl address was in the global table where the physical interface towards the peer was in a VRF. … Continue reading

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Multiple AnyConnect profiles

By default, AnyConnect downloads a new profile every time you connect. This is to ensure the profile, an xml file stored locally on the client, is up to date with the administrative settings. This is all well and fine, but … Continue reading

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CSR1000V in vSphere 6.5 update 1

When generating CSR1000V on vSphere 6.5, you have errors as shown below. VALUE_ILLEGAL: Value “VMXNET3 virtio” of ResourceSubType element not found in [E1000, VmxNet2, VmxNet3]. We can quickly resolve this issue by using tar to extract the ova into separate … Continue reading

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Firepower 4110 – Management interface connectivity issues

So I recently picked up a Firepower 4110 from work to test various things for a customer. Unfortunately, I could not get the management interface to come up. The show commands seemed to show that it was admin down. !! … Continue reading

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VMWare Workstation – ASAv import error (14.x)

Hello. So today I tried to import an ASAv ovf into my VMWare Workstation Pro version 14.0. Unfortunately, I got this error “Fatal Application Error: invalid vector <T> subscript (class std::out_of_range).” shown below. I tried upgrading to the latest verison, … Continue reading

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CSR1000V Smart Licensing

Hello. This is pretty much a similar process to the ASAv Smart Licensing post I made earlier. Ensure you have a working DNS configuration and can resolve names on the internet. Additionally, ensure you have went to the smart licensing … Continue reading

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ASAv Smart Licensing

Just wanted to make a quick post about Smart Licensing for the ASAv. It seems every time I have to go through it, I look it up all over again. Head over to your Smart Licensing Account ( and Click … Continue reading

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Windows 10 Enterprise – Surface Pro 4

So, after an hour or so of creating a USB stick from the Enterprise ISO image, I realized I needed to use a GPT format due to UEFI. Simple steps: Download Rufus ( Choose USB drive (>8GB) Partition type: GPT … Continue reading

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HSTS Testing.

this is a test to ensure HSTS and various other security parameters are still working.

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